Preliminary Program Topics

Preliminary Program Topics


  • Cannabis, cannabinoids and mental health
  • Cannabis toxicity and patient safety
  • New clinical indications for medical cannabis use
  • Latest on evidence-based medical and clinical research
  • Made in Israel: the latest scientific innovations
  • Medical cannabis and the elderly population
  • Cannabis for Fibromyalgia and other rheumatic disorders
  • The interaction of cannabinoids with other medications and treatments
  • Personalized treatment with cannabinoids: matching strains, products and dosing
  • Effective delivery methods to treat inflammatory diseases
  • Is cannabis the cause of addiction or the treatment for it?
  • Cannabis and rare diseases
  • Special considerations for medical cannabis and pediatric patients
  • The medical cannabis revolution and Public Health


  • Labelling, Packaging and Branding: The interaction of marketing and regulations
  • The medical cannabis industry and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Investments and capital in the cannabis arena
  • Medical cannabis and digital platforms
  • Big or Boutique: What’s the optimal size for your business?
  • Global trading of medical cannabis products
  • Accreditation and best practices
  • Delivery methods: what’s next?


  • Advanced growing technologies
  • Plant genetics
  • Extraction methods: Which is better? And for who?
  • Innovative growth mediums