Pharmacists at CannX

Pharmacists at CannX

Taking Medical Cannabis to the Next Level

The emerging medical field of medicinal cannabis has significant potential for improving patients’ quality of life. This innovative field is developing at a rapid pace, with medical cannabis being administered in an exceptionally diverse variety of conditions.

The conference will feature a program with scientific, industry, business and agriculture sessions. Among these, a few sessions hold specific interest for pharmaceutical professionals:


Israeli pharmacists hold the unique position of dispensing medical cannabis to patients while simultaneously educating the public on optimal usage of this evolving form of medication. There are challenges as well as opportunities in delivering clear messaging to patients, while advising them on optimal care. In this panel, key opinion leaders will discuss this recent role, while examining lessons learned and identifying future developments.

Medical Cannabis Treatments: Clinical Considerations: Part A and B

As more pharmacists are expected to serve as patient advisors in integrating medical cannabis into medical care, it is of utmost importance that such advice be based on scientific evidence and clinical experience. In these two sessions, world renowned clinicians and scientists will present relevant considerations regarding several clinical issues, such as side effects, interaction with other forms of medication and pediatric patients.

The fast-paced developments in the field of medical cannabis require in depth knowledge without delay. Join us to gain access to new, relevant and genuine content while enhancing your professional growth!

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CannX Virtual 2020 is jam-packed with valuable content to help you:

  • Learn the latest on medical cannabis
  • Understand your customers’ needs
  • Stay on top of the latest trends
  • Learn about the business side of medical cannabis