Startups at CannX

Startups at CannX

Meet the experts. Sell your Brand. Discover new Research.

CannX 2020 Virtual Meeting will include a main industry area for startups to display new technology, and enjoy unique opportunities to network, pitch and promote their business!

The Startup arena will be a highly interactive and creative networking zone within the professional exhibition area.

Startups and investors play a critical role in the Medical Cannabis field. With 2020 posing new and unexpected challenges, the CannX Virtual Meeting is the only place this year where starts-up can pitch and present their rising, cutting edge technology and gain exposure to a wide array of the key-player in the Medical Cannabis eco-system.

Our goal is to build a highly creative ecosystem of startups and novel participants at CannX conference, to both modernize and broaden the spectrum of the CannX community.

Are you a company with an innovative product idea, established management teams, legal incorporation, ideally at a stage prior to a major, transformative, financing round?

Join us in CannX and take your company to the next level!

CannX Start up Arena allows you to:

  • Present your logo, product and promotional materials
  • Enjoy a variety networking opportunities:
    • public chat
    • direct messaging and emails to team members
    • designated video chats / zoom meetings
    • access to “who’s online” – and all registered participants to the event, who you will be able to reach out to and connect with.
  • Present a 10-minute Pitch in designated industry sessions
  • Opt for a “Waiting Room” Promotional Video – played before LIVE sessions at the event 


Join CannX 2020- The ONLY place in 2020 for start ups to be!

  • High-level brand awareness– Meet Top investors, media leaders and professionals
  • Expanded market– Going virtual opens doors to a larger global audience as attendees no longer need to travel
  • Longer Exposure- visibility and interaction during the event plus 3 months after the event allowing for further exposure to additional contacts.

For more information and to explore all networking possibilities, please contact our Industry Liaison contact, Ms. Dori Bisk at