The CannX Advantage

CannX Tel Aviv is the meeting point for the key players in the field this autumn. First-hand knowledge and networks are essential in understanding the way forward within the complex ecosystem of medical cannabis. With a completely re-imagined virtual format, CannX unites the world’s most influential scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and thought leaders for the ultimate opportunity to make an impact in the field.


Access the cutting-edge science driving the next wave of developments and potential applications for medical cannabis. Renowned researchers and practitioners will present their latest findings.


Gain unparalleled insight into the future of business for local and global markets. We will delve into opportunities, pitfalls and the how-to for smart-investments in medical cannabis.


Stay ahead of competition as the world supply chain develops. CannX will feature new technology, systems and solutions designed to help farmers succeed in the medical cannabis ecosystem.

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